Fitness Strength Training

If you want to reach your dream body, you should deny as few mistakes as possible on this difficult way. LOOX helps you to get rid of the heaviest obstacles and shows you what you should pay special attention to during strength training!

If you look left and right in the gym, you can see them at every corner: The boys and girls who pull the bar into the neck with a swing when pulling lat, who turn a biceps curl into a full-body exercise and prefer to take more weight for better or worse than to work cleanly with less weight.

Too Many Isolation Exercises

Isolation exercises have a clear advantage: they address a muscle area directly. Therefore, many think that they are optimal for building muscles. By no means! For your muscle growth, the performance of basic exercises, such as bench press, crucifix lift or knee bend, is indispensable. They address several muscle groups at the same time and you have to use more strength to cope with them.

This increases the release of growth hormones in the body. But be careful: too many basic exercises have a counterproductive effect on muscle growth, as the body releases the stress hormone cortisol when the load is too high. This can even hinder muscle growth.

No Body Control

Even the greatest prophet of fitness knew: “Weights are only a means to an end. What training is about is how well you let your muscles contract.” Who wants to contradict the seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger? Only those who perform the exercise in a concentrated way have a good “Mind-Muscle-Connection”.

The best way to do this is to take care to control the target muscle. The exercise should be performed slowly and the tension should be maintained throughout the movement. Especially beginners often have problems with this. The basic rule is: If you don’t feel a muscle, it won’t be sufficiently stimulated.

Too Much Cardio

Probably the most stubborn myth in gym history: To look good and to lose weight, you MUST torture yourself with hours of cardio … Of course, cardio is great for the cardiovascular system and keeps your metabolism in good spirits in a change or in combination with weight training.

BUT: Those who focus on muscle building should be content with two to three short endurance sessions of maximum 20 minutes per week. More would be counterproductive, as the muscles need rest after strength training in order to grow. However, if you go jogging during these breaks, the necessary energy for running will be consumed.

Too Little Rest

For muscle growth, your body first needs stimuli. These stimulate the muscles and cause fine cracks in the muscle fibres. In order to be able to renew these, your body needs one thing above all else: rest. The growth itself takes place during regeneration – not in the gym! In this gym your body can build up its muscles stronger and prepare itself for the next workout. A 48 to 72 hour break should therefore be allowed for the muscle area you are working on.

Falsified Repetitions

It’s not only when it comes to cleaning that you have to work cleanly! Whether bench press, shoulder press or lat pulling – a clean execution and the right weight are decisive for the right muscle training. More weight does not automatically mean more muscles. On the contrary: If it is too heavy, it can happen that the exercises cannot be performed cleanly. This may save a little strength, but in the end you are cheating yourself out of your success and your muscles out of their growth.

Setting Too Loose

You see them every time you train in the gym – the guys and girls who don’t really sweat because they always have their smartphone at hand, chat loosely during a sentence and delay breaks for minutes. If you’re feeling caught, one thing is for sure: your training is definitely too lax and the results will be a long time coming. For success in the studio, you have to show discipline and challenge your body! Come on, do it!

Wrong Diet

The most sacred of all Gym commandments: Without clean food, no Gains! Strenuous workouts demand a lot from your body. For this it needs a lot of energy. And he prefers to get it from fats or carbohydrates. It doesn’t make sense to demonize them and simply leave them out for fear of gaining weight if you want to build muscles.

Your body needs them! Just like proteins, they are elementary for building and maintaining your muscles. The art lies in eating the right nutrients at the right time throughout the day. Your body gets what it needs – give it to it!

Slimming Through Strength Training

Many of you regularly ask me why I do so much strength training.

Isn’t endurance training much more effective? And doesn’t strength training make you much too broad?

I’ll answer these and some other questions in my blog today.

As you probably already know, we can only lose weight and burn fat if we burn more calories than we eat. Endurance training burns energy during training – there is no doubt about that. The faster and the longer we jog, row etc. the more we burn. As soon as we finish our cardio unit, however, our increased energy burning is also over.

This is different in strength training. Due to the high muscle tensions that we achieve with weights during strength training, our body reacts with the so-called “afterburning effect”. It has been scientifically proven that our energy burn is significantly increased by up to 48 hours even without physical activity after intensive strength training.

So even many hours after strength training, even while asleep, we still burn more energy than if we hadn’t trained with weights. This effect is enhanced if we choose complex exercises such as knee bends, lungeing steps, etc., because they activate a lot of muscles. And that’s not all.

Through the long-term build-up of muscles through strength training, we also increase our basal metabolic rate, i.e. our energy burn without physical activity. This makes it easier for us to maintain our weight, even if we eat a little more than before.

Last but not least, the muscles that we create through strength training tighten our tissues and give us a sexy look. However, many of you are still afraid of weight training because you think you might get muscles that are too thick. Today I want to take this fear away from you once and for all.

Due to our hormonal situation, we women cannot build such big muscle mountains compared to men. Of course there are exceptions – if you think of competition bodybuilders, for example. But here it has to be said clearly that behind it are years of extraordinarily hard training, an extremely adapted diet and unfortunately not infrequently the use of illegal substances. Of course, as a woman you shouldn’t have to do without cardio training completely.

A HIIT, for example, ensures a high energy burn in a short time, strengthens your cardiovascular system and also has a certain after burning effect due to the intensive intervals, even if it is not comparable to strength training. It is best to incorporate your endurance units into your training plan immediately after strength training or on regeneration days.